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Role: Lead Designer

Client: Franklin Co. Convention Authority

Size: 800 Cars

Typology: Parking Garage

Location: Columbus, OH

Status: Completed 2016

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The proposed Goodale Street Garage is situated in Columbus, OH, across the street from the north façade of the Columbus Convention Center and towering over the southern retaining wall of the I-670 interstate. The garage will fulfill the immediate need of both Convention Center patrons and visitors to the ever-densifying Short North, an arts district whose southernmost reach aligns exactly with the Goodale Avenue, the street our garage will front. In addition, the owner is considering future hotel development occupying the west-half of the site, its existence and timing remain a considerable source of uncertainty.

Our design aims to capitalize on both the complexity of the site - high visibility adjacent to the highway, proximity to the Short North, Peter Eisenman’s Convention Center to the South, downtown views once above the Convention Center– and high aspirations of the owner. The majority of the design effort has been placed on two entities, the architectural skin, and an expressive stair. The skin is composed of horizontal bands that are then articulated by a series of rotated vertical louvers. In many ways this can be thought of as an open air vertical expression of the noteworthy Convention Center roof. The garage itself, repeating the diagram of the convention center, will serve as a much needed amenity for a burgeoning part of the city, with proximity, size and presence providing the greatest impact.