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Role: Lead Designer

Client: Columbus Metropolitan Library

Size: 15,000 sf

Typology: Library

Location: Columbus, OH

Status: Completed 2014

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This new branch library design for a major metropolitan library system is at once addressing the challenge of what it means to be a library in the information age, but also tasked with providing a community with a much-needed catalyst for solidarity and positive change.

This branch is grounded in the idea that as libraries go through this transition; the archetype of a branch library needs to change. To remain relevant it is an archetype that should provide amenities of the present, but also the adaptability to conform to wants of the future. It can neither be a reading room surrounded by an impenetrable wall of books, nor can it be an open room divided by lines on a floor.

The project design proposes we turn the library inside-out. By cutting the traditional library open, we can turn it in on itself, and put traditional modes of library patronage to the center of the building – those that would benefit from quiet repose, natural light, and the contentment of purpose. At the same time, we can push those uses that require interactivity, action and multi-functionality to the perimeter where they profit from street engagement and access to technology.